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    sl no NameoftheLaboratory   Carpet Area(sq.m)  Major Equipments
          5      Power Electronics                     68.66  SCR Converter Module, 1 ph Converter Firing Unit
    Series Inverter, 1 ph Mc Murry Bedford inverter, Power Transistor step up Chopper, Power MOSFET Chopper, 1 ph Isolation Transformer,  Induction Motor, Cyclo-converter Power circuit, Parallel Bridge Inverter without firing circuit, Parallel Inverter center Tapped, Forced communication steady unit
    6  High Voltage Engg.  68.66  50 KVA, AC/70 KVA, DC High Voltage, 50 KVA, 50mA-Testing Transformer, 70 KV High Voltage Rectifier, 70 KV High Voltage Filter, 70 KV Resistance  Divider, Control Panel for AC/DC Test, 100mm  Sphere Gap Assembly. Rod Gap Apparatus with Electrodes, Electrolytic tank with Electrodes, Control panel and Meters, 0-6 kV oil test Kit, Earthing Rods, Over Voltage and under Voltage combined Relay, Motor Protection Relay, Timer, Relay test kit, Motor Protection
    7  Control system   66.6  PID Controller kit, DC Servo Motors, AC servo Motors, Second order system, Trainer Kits, Synchoro’s, CRO, IC‘s, MATLAB Software Package
    8  Electronics Lab    Digital IC's, Trainer Kits
    9  CAED lab    66  30-PC’s, Color printer


    Contact Address

    Cantonment, Ballari 583104, Karnataka
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