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    Entrepreneurship Development Cell

    Entrepreneurship Development Cell, the abbreviation of which is EDC, has been established by R Y M Engineering College.  Ever since its inception, the cell has embarked on its flagship programme of continuous innovative thinking in order to enhance the country’s economy.

    At the same time, the cell also concentrates on the rural fronts so as to develop the potential of the rural youth and revamp their traditional mindset. Battling against odds appears to have become something of a habit for the unemployed youth.  The EDC tries to extricate these youngsters from their wrangle with employment opportunities by crowning them as young and dynamic entrepreneurs. These dynamic youngsters evolve from the corporate shadows and reach an enviable position.

    From the position of job seekers, they get ordained as job givers.  They expand the availability of jobs, thereby minimizing the nation’s anxiety over the rapidly increasing unemployment rate.
    The EDC redefines the role of the youth to make them more independent. The youngsters are thus shaken out of their complacent mood regarding their employment opportunities. Such entrepreneurs become icons of success with the help of the prospective tool called innovation.  They also cater to the ever growing employment needs of the society.  Leaving no stone unturned in their innovative and constructive pathway, they prove to be the heartbeat of a nation’s progress and prosperity.  Thus, the EDC empowers the youth with entrepreneurial skills.

    Contact Address

    Cantonment, Ballari 583104, Karnataka
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