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    Knowledge Center

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    Knowledge Centre is established along with the parent institution in the year 1980 with prime objective is to support the parent organization programs. It is having, functionally designed building and it is located in the convenient accessible place in the college campus to the different group of library users. The soul of the library builds with our ancient people’s knowledge bricks. The prime motto of the knowledge centre is to building the knowledge empowered society. The mission of the knowledge centre is to meet the expectations of the library stakeholders with available resources and by integrating external emerging trends with internal factors. The main goal of the knowledge centre is to improving the service effectiveness, economy and efficiency of library management system. Safeguard the interest and benefits of the stakeholders and facilitate to develop the innovative thoughts and knowledge sharing culture among the library users. The quiver of the knowledge centre enfolded the both print and digital form of global standard mass and scholarly knowledge contents. Digital library system integrated with campus network to enhance the learners’ body of knowledge. It is also fostered distribution units at the departments for timely access of needed information at the work place with zero foot print. The library management system is automated with Easylib Software to improve the efficiency of library housekeeping operations and provide speed service to the library users. It is also collaborated with national information network agencies (VTU e-resources Consortium & DELNET) and provided Internet and Wi-Fi facility to access required information.

    Contact Address

    Cantonment, Ballari 583104, Karnataka
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.