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    Mechanical Forum

    Mech Tantrika


    “To Provide Techno - Cultural Environment, Develop Overall Personality of each Individual Student and Meet the Requirements of the Mankind”.

    In view to facilitate a Techno - Cultural Democracy for the students, the Department has inaugurated Students Forum with the title “MECH-TANTRIKA” on 26th and 27th of May 2017 successfully, in presence of Management, Principal, Vice Principal, HOD, Faculties and Students.

    “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world, the power of imagination is infinitely more valuable than our limited knowledge now and forever, you might think”. This Mech-Tantrika forum provides a platform to organize activities, to increase the creativity and imagination skills of the students, thereby helping them in developing innovative ideas.

    It is Evident that this forum is “By” & “For” the Students of the Department, every single activity is solely organized by the students with the complete Moral support of the Department. The Main Focus is on Technical and Cultural activities which support the students to enhance their knowledge in Engineering & Society, Environment, Sustainability, Professional Ethics, Communication, Individual & Team Work, Aptitude, and Attitude, finally enhance the Overall Personality of every individual Student of the Department.

    Main Objectives of the Forum

    1. To conduct workshops, seminars, technical talks, industrial visits and specialized engineering training to meet the current and emerging needs of the society.
    2. To support students in applying creative thinking and design techniques to interdisciplinary design processes based on mechanical engineering.
    3. To promote students for Innovative ideas and blended learning skills.
    4. To encourage the students to take on innovative projects.
    5. To increase communication skill of the students so that they can share their ideas with others and to cooperate, thus establishing the leadership to manage the organization effectively.
    6. To enhance their open-minds and positively critic spirits to recognize the social and ethical opportunity.

    The forum is aiming to conduct many events under the banner of RYMEC & Various Technical societies at Institutional, Zonal, State and National level platforms.

    Inter-departmental activities conducted on 26th and 27th of May 2017:

    1. The unveiling of Mech – Tantrika LOGO.
    2. Quiz.
    3. Treasure hunt.
    4. 12 Yard cricket.
    5. 2D CAD.

    Contact Address

    Cantonment, Ballari 583104, Karnataka
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.