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    About Department

    The Physics department has a team of dynamic and well-qualified faculty (Ph.D. hands) with a passion for research. The Department has very good, fully equipped laboratory for I Year B.E Students of all the branches. The laboratory has very good facilities to provide good hands-on experience to students in basic experiments of physics. It is recognized as a research center by VTU. Presently 04 full time and 03 part-time research scholars have been registered for Ph.D. At present, active research is in the fields of Radiation Physics and Materials Science. The Department is Headed by Dr.Nagabhushana NM.

    HOD Message

    HOD Message

    “What one man calls God, another calls the Laws of Physics.”      

                                                                                                                  Nikola Tesla.

            Physics is the fundamental science. Physics means “nature”. Thus physics is the most important basis for engineering and technology, and as such engineering is applied Physics. To understand nature one has to do careful observations. Observations play a decisive role in the study of “nature”. To become a good engineer one must clutch the basic principles and the laws of nature. The study of nature is possible through assumptions, theories, experiments, results, analysis, logical reasoning and mathematical formulations because mathematics is the language of Physics. Understanding the principles of physics is worth enjoying the engineering. I am proud and elated to be a physicist.


                 M.Sc., M.Phil., PhD., MISTE
    Asst. Professor & Head of the Department.

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    Cantonment, Ballari 583104, Karnataka
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