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    Computer Science & Engineering

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    The Final year project work for VIII semester students will be done as part of their academics.

    Project Assessment Committee and Project Coordinators are appointed by HOD.

    Project Coordinators are responsible for smooth conduction of project work successfully by students.

    Project coordinators finalize the process of project work, Project rubrics, Best Project selection process and formats to be submitted by students well in advance and get it approved by project assessment committee and HOD and explain the same to students in VII Semester.Students as part of their project work publish their papers in various International conferences and Journals; present their projects in SRISHTI, KSCST, VTU-FOSS, various National and International Project Exhibitions.

    The following events happen in VII semester
    1) Student project batches will be formed and guides will be allocated.
    2) Project titles will be submitted by students in time before second Internal Assessment test.
    3) Students submit SRS, Course Outcomes, CO-PO mapping to their respective guides.
    4) Project first demonstration will be held by all the student batches.

    The following events happen in VIII semester
    1) Students submit design document, Final Project Report.
    2) Project final demonstration will be presented successfully by student batches.
    3) Students do their best by presenting and publishing papers in various journals and conferences got selected in various project exhibitions.

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