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    CSE(Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)


    AI is all about creation of intelligent machines. Its software  learns similar to  humans learning process,  it can do jobs better and faster than  humans. Machine learning is a subset of AI,  It is the process by which machine learns.

    AI  benefits both people and companies. Consumers use AI daily to find their destinations using navigation and ride-sharing apps, as smart home devices or personal assistants, or for streaming services. Businesses can use AI to assess risk and define the opportunity, cut costs, and boost research and innovation.

    online shopping applications are created using AI, where we purchased products of our interest, after the first use of online shopping app when we use it for second time and so on we can see the app showing us the products we are interested in and on other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, we could able to see related ads showing up. So this is how user behaviour on application is intelligently learnt and used for improving businesses.

    Jobs in AI and ML

    Game applications, Digital Assistants, Chatbots, Robots, and Self-driving cars are some real examples of artificial intelligence, Many more applications are developed using AI and ML in 2020 and beyond. To better understand application of artificial intelligence and machine learning here is a real world example.

    Prediction shows that AI will create close to 2.3 million jobs by 2020., AI offers many unique and viable career opportunities. Which is used in almost every industry like in Data Analysis and prediction .Social media ,selling marts entertainment ,transportation Etc..This demand need a massive qualified, skilled professionals in AI.

    Job Opportunities in AI

    • AI Engineer
    • Data Mining Engineer
    • Machine Learning Engineer.
    • Data Scientist
    • Business Intelligence (BI) Developer and Many More...



    Name: Dr. D.Saimadhavi

    Designation: HOD & Professor

    Qualification: M.S , Ph.D

    Experience: 22

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    Contact Address

    Cantonment, Ballari 583104, Karnataka
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